Gifting; a thing we all know and love. From childhood to today, giving and receiving gifts has become a cherished tradition to show appreciation for loved ones. So, why not make this idea timeless?

Consider gifting a book subscription; nothing is more timeless than holding a world at your fingertips. Our book subscriptions take readers on a journey curated with creativity and endless possibilities every month. We offer a unique indie reading experience, the chance to discover a classic before it becomes one. Each box features additional goodies and personalised touches to bring a little bit of each story to reality.

The Gift of Discovery

Creating an immersive experience each month, our book subscription boxes are the key to discovering a new world of reading. Each box has a dedicated theme and contains two hand-selected stories from our indie authors, alongside additional surprises, a note from the author, an exclusive partnership with other indie companies, and an invitation to join our online book club.

What exactly will be included? It’s all in the element of surprise.

With changing themes and topics in every package, this concept allows subscribers to discover new genres and writing styles, with no two books being the same. When signing up for this book subscription box, you are supporting the work of self-published authors, giving them the visibility they may not have been offered otherwise. By introducing new narratives and talent, we are sure to reignite the love for reading amongst our community, creating the perfect gift for avid readers who are ready to expand their horizons and support unheard voices.

Enriching Daily Life

Life as we know it is full of distractions, often making it difficult to escape and unwind. By gifting a book subscription, you are gifting an escape from reality.

Receiving two of our hand-selected books each month is sure to encourage readers to take a moment out of their busy schedules. Our monthly subscription takes away the hassle of choosing a new read, tempting our readers to unwind from the real world. Exploring new worlds and themes, we expand our readers’ knowledge and creativity, by delving deep beyond the world of traditionally published books.

When you gift a loved one a Your Paper Quest Book Subscription Box, you are also inviting them to be part of a like-minded community. Nurturing a vibrant online network, we offer subscribers the opportunity to join the growing fanbase of indie authors, be a part of our virtual book club, and collaborate with fellow readers—we’re more than just a book box.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

By gifting our book box, you’re gifting a journey, connection and commitment to the joy of reading. With elements of surprise and community, our book subscription goes deeper than the traditional notion of gift-giving, creating the perfect sign of appreciation. Providing a new theme every month, we are more than a one-time joy – we are the gift that keeps on giving.

So, the next time you’re pondering the perfect gift, consider the allure of a book subscription – because in the world of gifts, few things can rival the magic of a good book. One subscription. A lifetime of narratives.

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