Hey there, today we’d love to introduce you to one of our exclusive features that comes free with every book subscription box, our own virtual book club!

We want to bring together our subscribers under one community where you can share your love of reading and your experience of our monthly book choices.

How it Works

Joining couldn’t be simpler!

When you subscribe to our subscription box, you’ll find a printed newsletter as one of your many goodies. The newsletter contains brief anecdotes about our stories of the month and an invitation to join our online virtual book club.

The invitation comes in the form of a QR code which can be utilized through the camera app on most modern smartphones. If your smartphone doesn’t have an inbuilt QR code reader then Google Lens is a trusted and popular camera app which will allow you to scan the QR code and be taken directly to our virtual book club.

What do I get when I join the Book Club?

Joining the book club connects you to like-minded readers who have all been reading the same stories from our amazing independent authors.

Once you have joined you will have the opportunity to ask our authors questions about anything you like! I know every time I put down a good book I have an endless array of questions I’d love to ask the author.

Why did you use that word to describe this character? Where did you get the inspiration for this setting? Will this character ever achieve their dreams? What inspires you to write?

I could go on. But that is the greatness of a good story, it doesn’t end when you put the book down. You are left filled with this world, feeling like you have lived a life there alongside the amazing and intricate characters hidden within. And there’s an itch that you just can’t scratch that demands answers to know more.

We feel you. We wanted to offer that to all of our readers, as well as give our amazing independent authors a chance to connect with their audience. And so, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions which will be answered in our monthly interview with our authors and released on our YouTube channel.

Our authors may not be able to answer every question, but they’ll certainly answer as many as they can!

What a wonderful way to connect to a story you love and find out more about the world you have become enamoured with!

Through our virtual book club, you’ll also be able to receive the latest news and updates about future boxes and upcoming surprises and additions to our book subscription service!

Why should I join?

I’m sure you’re already convinced, but just in case you aren’t, let me tell you why I see so much value in our book club.

I know as a reader it can actually be quite a lonely thing. You spend hours pouring over these magic words that fill your mind with images of worlds and people from a place that doesn’t really exist. But they are brought to life through the power of amazing writing and you can reach out and almost touch the world around you.

You get to know the characters. Their desires and fears, their motivations, and inspirations. You see them triumph, you watch them fall. You sit with bated breath, frantically turning the page to hope they escape imminent danger. You watch them grow and see how each moment of their story led them to an inevitable and often unpredictable conclusion.

And then you look up, often with tears in your eyes, and a smile on your face, and… well there’s no one there to share it with. No one who’s feeling as attached and involved with these characters and stories as you are. So off you go, trawling the internet looking for fan theories, author interviews and anything at all to dig deeper into this world you’ve fallen in love with.

Book clubs aren’t as popular as they once were so finding one in your local area may not be possible.

That’s why I feel our virtual book club is such a wonderful idea. You get to connect with other readers who fell in love with the same stories and discuss and theorise to your heart’s content. And on top of that, we can ask the author questions directly! How wonderful it is to be so involved in the creation of a work of art and the future success and career of so many talented writers we host and showcase here at Your Paper Quest.

I know as a writer it is often the questions others ask me that spur me on to write more, dive deeper and explore new horizons.

So, in this way, both you and our authors benefit from each other. You get to be involved in the worlds you love and dig a little more detail out of them, and our authors get to be appreciated and challenged in your questions to help them grow and maybe even inspire them to write that next book.

We love our book club and all it entails and we know you will too.

So, if you haven’t already, scan that QR code and come join the community. And if you haven’t yet joined our book subscription service, we hope our wonderful community has finally convinced you.

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