Are you thinking of signing up to receive an exclusive book box every month? Trust us, you’re in the right place.

We dedicate our time to taking you on a literary journey by providing the ultimate Indie book box. From hand-selecting our authors to exclusive perks only found in a Your Paper Quest subscription. Today we will unveil the exclusive experience we offer to each of our cherished subscribers.

Hand-picked Indie Authors

In a time dedicated to spending hours every day in the digital world, there’s now something extra special about holding a physical book in your hands, flipping through its pages, and getting lost in its narrative. We want our subscribers to enjoy these moments every month through a selection of indie books, hand-picked by our team to show you some of the best indie reads and introduce you to a variety of talented indie authors.

Each month, you will receive two of our top picks, rotating between a variety of genres and themes to captivate every reader’s imagination. Some of these include heartwarming romances, engrossing mysteries, and chilling horrors to expand on your current collection of favourites or add a surprise love to your bookshelf. Every delivery is guaranteed to expand your reading horizons.

Each of our carefully selected books also supports our mission to give exposure to indie authors, utilising our platform to support unheard voices and end the stigma around self-published novels.

Goodies and Gifts

We don’t just treat you to a basic book box; we immerse you in the world at your fingertips.  With attention to detail, we include gifts and goodies that will transform your passion for reading and deeply connect you to the characters. Each delivery will include a description of the books we have carefully selected, alongside a range of gifts that have been personalised to the books of the month, transforming elements of the written universe into unique keepsakes. What will you receive next?

Our touches are personal inside and out! Our book boxes are dedicated not only to our novels but also to you, with your very own handwritten name embellished on each package.

Community Engagement

Nurturing a vibrant online community, we offer our subscribers the opportunity to join the growing fanbase of indie authors. Once you become a part of the Your Paper Quest community, you will have access to our virtual book club to communicate with fellow readers, engaging in lively discussions about the books you have received. You will also have the opportunity to ask our indie authors questions for our monthly interviews in gripping Q&A sessions – an experience like no other.

By signing up with Your Paper Quest, you will embark on a reading journey that supports self-published authors, blessing your book collection with discovery and imagination.

Through exclusive opportunities and additional goodies, you will also become a part of our community, in a book box that thanks you.

Sign up today to embark on your new adventure!

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