Our aim is to ignite a passion for reading and offer self-published authors a platform to be discovered. How does our book subscription box do this? How do we differ from others in the industry?

Allow us to answer these questions for you!

-What makes Your Paper Quest book subscription different?

Unlike other book subscription services out there, our boxes offer a unique reading experience while also giving visibility to self-published authors. Our subscription includes two books a month, hand-selected and quality-checked by our team. The difference is that all of our books are written by self-published authors. This is not only an incredible opportunity for independent authors to see their work in readers’ hands but also offers something different for curious readers. Through our platform, we want to end the stigma surrounding self-published writing and support authors in overcoming the struggles of editing, marketing, and publishing.

Why We Love Supporting Indie Authors:

Traditionally, published authors are granted access to expert knowledge and support during the publication process and after the book’s release. This additional help comes at a steep cost and is not accessible to every author. In such a competitive market, this makes it difficult for independent and self-published authors to become local names in their artistry.

We use our platform to present self-published writing, showcasing each author’s talent and creativity. Our love of supporting independent writers is one of the many elements that form Your Paper Quest—we love authenticity! We want to show a wider audience the power of a unique voice and a fresh point of view, embracing every creative decision that leads to the creation of each narrative; after all, every story is different.

More Than Just a Book…

Conventionally, reading a book brings readers on a journey through delicately written narratives; why should the story end there? Subscribers to Your Paper Quest receive a variety of gifts and goodies that are associated with that month’s books. These include personalised notes from the authors, unique bookmarks for each book and an invitation to join our virtual book club.

The Process:

Our subscription saves you from hunting for the ‘perfect’ next read. All you need to do is sign up on our website, and we will deliver two books for you to enjoy every month. With different book themes each month, we invite you to explore new genres and authors you may otherwise not have discovered. We also want to connect you with other subscribers to discuss your thoughts on the books through our virtual book club.

We aim to give you more than a read. When subscribed to Your Paper Quest, you’ll feel a part of the community through interviews with the authors and book club. From supporting the publishing of self-published books to highlighting the talent behind the read, we support each author in our ever-growing community. Developing a sustainable fanbase for our authors means they will be supported as creators in the wider indie community, and we’re extremely proud to give them more exposure.

Ready to explore new realms and discover the world of indie writing? Become a part of our community today and see what the world of indie authors has to offer!


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