There is a growing popularity for book subscription services in the US and with the increased number of books per reader, bibliophiles are finding their collections growing faster than ever. Organizing your bookshelf can become a very satisfying factor in your reading journey, and a very self-reflective hobby. We’re here to help by sharing tips and tricks that will help you better organize your growing collection so that you always know where to look! 

Understanding Your Collection

The first step in organizing is undoubtedly to start with whatever you have lying around. Start by decluttering and sorting your current collection into books you want to give away and those you’d like to keep. This can help you get rid of books you don’t need while giving them a new home to another enthusiastic reader. Organize your bookshelf into categories of author, genre, language, or maybe even size, which can make the coming steps easier. 

Choosing Bookshelves and Setting Up

Bookshelves are going to be your new best friend to keep track of your collection. Before buying the shelf, get your room measurements right and decide what kind of shelf you should get. From wall-mounted to freestanding ones, there are a variety of options and you can easily find one for your treasured collection. Choose designs that go well with your decor. Match your aesthetic and style and make your book nook, truly your own. When it comes to organizing the books onto the shelf, find a sequence that seems best to you. You can either divide by genres, language, or even author and size. Depending on the kind of reader you are, and the factors you take into consideration while reaching out for the best book, this step can differ from person to person and is completely up to you. Aesthetic arrangement truly adds something special to your collection. Arranging books by color can truly create a stunning display and make your books into design statements. That being said, color coding can sometimes be less practical for those who need to find specific topics or authors quickly. 

How to Make the Most of Your Space

If you have limitations in terms of space but don’t want to get rid of your books, you can use space maximization techniques to set up something that is uniquely yours. Using tall bookshelves helps you take advantage of the vertical space. Bookshelf doors and furniture with added storage are some creative ways you can make use of existing space to create your own mini library. Mixing books with decor elements is a creative and stunning way to add a touch of visual impact and personalization to your home. Add decorative elements like bookends, plants, and character goodies from your favorite stories and authors to make your collection a style statement. Add personal touches to your display with the use of themed shelves and personal artwork that adds more character to your shelf. 

Moving Things Around

Even the most engaging shelf can seem boring after a while. Make sure your collection is arranged in a way that you can easily move things around. Rotate your books based on seasons or reading trends to keep your display fresh and motivated to read more. Keep aside space to include new arrivals from your subscription service. This makes it easier to keep track of books you have yet to read. 

Creating a Reading Nook

If you have enough space, it can be incredibly fulfilling to create your own reading nook or area, where you can indulge in your latest reads while being comfortable and cozy. Set it around your bookshelf and include comfortable seating and good lighting. Make sure that your favorites and current reads are within reach. This makes reading a more regular and accessible activity in your everyday life. 

Digital Cataloging and Maintenance 

Making use of digital tracking apps like Goodreads or LibraryThing can help you keep track of your collection, set reading goals, and connect with other readers. Some apps even let you scan book barcodes for easy entry, this saves you a lot of time and makes sure that your digital catalog is accurate. Regularly clean your collection to keep your books in good condition. Regularly review your collection and rotate books to ensure that they stay their best and relevant to your interests. Organizing your collection is one of the most satisfying ways to keep your habit alive. It is not only rewarding but keeps you motivated to collect more and keep more. With a proper organization method, the regular inflow of books from your subscription service can be arranged and stored easily and keeps the books fresh and new for a very long time

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