Reading is one of the most challenging and rewarding hobbies out there, with people across the world finding ways to keep themselves motivated to keep the habit alive. Challenges are therefore a fantastic way to stay motivated, explore new genres, and make the most out of your US-based book subscription box. 

How to Set Up a Reading Challenge 

You can start the process of challenging yourself by setting a clear yet achievable goal. It can be to read a certain number of pages a day or books a month, or even explore specific genres. Clear objectives can help keep you motivated. You can also pick a theme for each month, such as mystery novels, historical fiction, or debut authors. This can be helpful in removing monotony, makes the challenge more interesting, and keeps you on your toes for what’s next.

You can even use your subscription to help you with the challenge. By adjusting the number of books received each month to choose services that offer you a variety of genres and authors, you can utilize your service to discover new books.

Reading Schedules

Creating a reading schedule not only organizes reading but also helps you stay motivated and allows you to Find a healthy routine. Create one that fits your lifestyle and schedule, and allot a set time every day or week to make sure that you’re on track with your goals. You can make this schedule more interesting by mixing up different books which can help prevent you from feeling burnt out. Include a mix of short-stories, poems, novels, and non-fiction to keep things interesting. This also helps you get out of your comfort zone and can improve your cognitive thinking. Reward yourself by breaking down your monthly goals into small milestones. Take yourself out shopping or simply treat yourself however you know best. This can make the challenge more manageable and exciting.

Utilizing Subscription Box Extras

Many subscription boxes include access to online communities, author interviews, discussion questions, and themed bookish goodies. Engage with communities to help keep track of your challenge and stay motivated with the progress of fellow readers. Make use of the added benefits to enhance your experience. Keep an eye out for events or organized discussions. At Your Paper Quest, readers are regularly invited to participate in discussions with each other and featured authors. These events create a valuable opportunity for you to interact with readers and authors alike and dive deeper into the stories you’ve read. 

Tracking Progress

It can seem hard at first to measure your progress, but to make this easier you can maintain a journal to track the books you’ve read. You can even reflect on your journey and list pointers from the book. Use reading apps or tools like Goodreads to log your progress, set goals, and discover new books. They can even give you suggestions based on your reading history. Always be on the lookout to learn and know more about reading.

How to Stay Motivated

Set up a reward system for meeting your reading milestones. The accomplishment of being rewarded can stop you from dropping a book halfway. Buddy reads by pairing up with a friend or colleague to take the challenge together can provide encouragement. This also allows for mutual discussions throughout the story to make the experience more enjoyable and less challenging. At the end of the day, make sure that you are not giving up on yourself for a day you missed or even a week where you couldn’t read. Putting yourself down can be a huge demotivator and you may not pick that book up again. Instead, be patient with your progress and be willing to adjust your goals if required. Life can get busy, and it’s important to maintain a balance that keeps reading fun rather than stressful. Reading is essentially an activity to calm your mind and offer you relaxation, so make sure that you don’t stress yourself out over having to read, taking the meaning entirely out of the process. Don’t let reading become a chore, let yourself enjoy it and remember to take breaks whenever you feel overwhelmed! It’s never too late to pick up a book and start your reading journey. 

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