At Your Paper Quest, we believe there’s nothing better than the smell and feel of a new paperback in your hands. But with millions of titles hitting shelves every year, how do you find the hidden gems – the kind of imaginative, moving stories that speak to your soul?

That’s where we come in.

Stories that speak to your soul

Rather than pushing bestsellers or abstracted plots, Your Paper Quest is on a mission to bring you the most original and compelling stories from self-published writers. We’re talking fresh voices and perspectives you just won’t find at your local bookstore.

Each month, our team of book lovers will hand-pick novels we think you’ll love reading and send them your way. These aren’t just books – they’re journeys into new worlds, characters, and ideas that will stay with you long after the last page.

Interested to see what undiscovered stories await inside our subscription boxes? Stay tuned as we give you an inside look at the Your Paper Quest unboxing experience. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the creative minds we’ll introduce you to.


The Unique Packaging Experience

One of the first things you’ll notice when your monthly box arrives is the unique, personalised packaging. Your name will be carefully hand-written across the front of the sturdy yet sleek box – a slight touch that makes you feel special before you even open it.

Inside, you’ll find your two new paperbacks nestled securely within 100% recycled and recyclable materials. We want to minimise waste while still safely delivering these literary gems to your door.

We don’t focus on the frills or goodies; instead, we emphasise the stories themselves. These stories will fit within a central theme that changes on a monthly basis, but will remain different enough so readers can experience two entirely different perspectives on it.

As you unwrap the packaging and hold that fresh book in your hands for the first time, you’ll be struck by the care that went into selecting and sending it just for you. It’s not your average book subscription box – it’s an experience to help introduce you to new stories, ones from authors you’ve never heard of before.

Your Paper Quest | How Does Your Paper Quest Differ from Other Book Subscription Boxes?

Diving into the Stories

One of the best parts of Your Paper Quest is diving into the fresh stories handpicked each month around a compelling theme. We curate tales united by topics we think will resonate while still offering variety and diverse perspectives.

Past monthly themes have included genres such as Fantasy from Urban to the Weird West, Sci-Fi Survival, love and loss, crime and suspense and more. Spanning coming-of-age journeys full of self-discovery, epic tales of adventure across vivid landscapes, moving stories of overcoming adversity with perseverance and hope, and more. We want the topics to feel relevant, thought-provoking, and deeply human.

Within each theme, the two featured self-published novels showcase entirely different takes and reading experiences. One month, you may get lost in the themes of belonging, while the other provides a sweeping adult Sci-Fi Survival. The richness comes from exploring two diverse fictional worlds that still connect to a shared message or worldview.

It’s this blend of curated connection and unique storytelling perspectives that makes diving into each month’s handpicked selection so rewarding. The themes invite you in, while the contrasting narratives keep the reading experience fresh and surprising.

Added Touches for an Enhanced Reading Experience

We want to make your reading time meaningful, so each new paperback in your monthly book subscription box includes some special touches to enhance the experience. One is a custom bookmark placed right at the start of the book featuring an impactful quote handpicked from the story’s pages. These snippets from the author’s mind might be their message to the reader, or a surprise epilogue, or even a message from the characters themselves.
You’ll also find a personal note tucked inside from the author. Get a peek into their inspiration for the narrative, what they hoped to accomplish in crafting this tale, fun facts about their process, and more. These letters offer rare insight straight from the creators of these tales, making you feel closer to the words on each page.


For many readers, few things are more enjoyable than underlining compelling passages, folding down pages, and jotting thoughts in the margins. So we encourage you to do exactly that by sending the books exclusively to you! Doodle, highlight and engage with the stories in your own way.

Red Darkling
Books on Shelf

With these specially selected quotes, intimate author notes, and the freedom to make the books your own, you’re encouraged to savour each novel and truly immerse yourself in the unique perspectives they offer. We want the stories to come to life and resonate on a deeper level, thanks to these added personal touches you won’t find anywhere else.

Join the Community

One of our favourite parts of Your Paper Quest is bringing readers together to share the reading experience. That’s why we invite you to join our virtual book club community to discuss each month’s handpicked stories that arrive in your book subscription box.

In this private online space, you can connect with fellow book lovers from across the country who also received that month’s selections. Share your reactions to the tales, favourite passages and characters, ‘aha’ moments, and more. Hearing each other’s perspectives enhances your own appreciation and understanding of the narratives.

You’ll have chances to ask pressing questions directly to the authors about their inspiration, writing process, and more. It’s an insider look at the stories right from the creators.
Book club members also get sneak peeks of upcoming themes and featured titles and input on future picks.

Beyond the monthly titles, you’ll find a supportive community united by a shared love of stories in all forms. Discuss hot new releases, swap recommendations, or find an accountability reading partner. Our club opens up an exciting world of dialogue with readers just like you.

Get More with Author Interviews

To give you even more insider access, each month, we sit down for an exclusive interview with our featured authors to create a video for our subscribers. These candid chats offer a backstage pass into the stories straight from the writers themselves. This is also where we ask authors the questions posted in our book club.

You’ll gain insight into everything from their initial inspiration to how they brought the tales to life. Learn about their research process, most significant challenges, favourite scenes, and more. The authors also reveal fun behind-the-scenes details about the stories you won’t find anywhere else.

Looking ahead, you may get sneak peeks about the writers’ next projects and hypothetical musings about what could come next for the characters. The interviews provide a glimpse into the minds of these talented storytellers.

With each video, you’ll get to know the heart and creativity behind our handpicked tales on a deeper level. It’s a chance to go beyond just the words on the page to understand the stories’ origins and futures.

These intimate author discussions are exclusive to our book subscription box members. So brew a coffee or tea and explore the stories’ secrets through this insider access you can only find on our YouTube channel!

Ending Remarks 

This is your invitation to go beyond the mainstream and discover stories as individual as you are. Reignite your passion for reading as you engage with these indie writers through exclusive interviews and insights.

So, are you ready for a new reading adventure? Head to our website now to learn more about our book subscription service and subscribe today.

Give your reading routine the refreshing boost it’s been craving. Expand your horizons with Your Paper Quest and uncover your next favourite stories.


We can’t wait to deliver undiscovered stories to your door each month that will move, challenge, and stay with you long after the last page.

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