We are at an age where we find ourselves constantly surrounded by information and are always connected through the power of social media and other media channels. Over the years, a number of traditional entertainment sources have found themselves being merged into various forms, differing from their original. One such activity is reading, although it is still a hobby taken up by billions all over the world, the practices surrounding reading have transformed entirely. From digital books to online book clubs, the act of reading is now much more than reading itself. It is also about building connections with like-minded people online. Book subscription services stand at the forefront of all these advancements and provide readers with a variety of opportunities to enhance their reading experience. At Your Paper Quest, readers also get the opportunity to engage with authors, offering them the true joy of what one may call meta-reading. In this blog let us explore how book subscription services empower reading communities by offering such meaningful connections. 

Sharing Conversations

Gone are the days when reading was just an individual activity. Readers are more excited than ever to discuss their favourite writings, analyse characters and settings, and even create fictitious settings of their own, all inspired by their favourite books and stories. In such an age, conversations must be shared between authors and readers to strengthen the depth of meaning that takes its place in the readers’ hearts. Fruitful conversations make way for better understanding and at Your Paper Quest, we value the importance of such conversations and believe that it is rudimentary in empowering both readers and writers alike.

How it Works

At Your Paper Quest, we are not merely offering our readers a basic book subscription plan, we also give them access to our virtual book club, where they get the opportunity to converse with fellow subscribers and form questions they wish to ask our featured authors at the end of every month. This schedule helps readers as they get the time to formulate their opinions on their own and by discussing the book with others who have also read it. This also allows them to come up with interesting and thought-provoking questions for the author.

Important Connections

As humans, we tend to choose things that mean the most to us and this same theory applies to selecting books. We tend to prefer books that resonate with our emotions or authors who we have built a connection with. At Your Paper Quest, we are all about empowering self-published and independent authors and we work to provide an opportunity for them to connect with their audience to make their writing process even more rewarding and fruitful. With the feedback and opinions of their readers, the authors can make valuable changes in their future works, beneficial to both the reader and the audience alike. 

Value Added Reading

Reading changes when the readers understand that they can engage with the author who brought this book to life. Readers go between the lines and come up with theories, possible variations, and explanations for actions, bringing a whole new dimension to the table. Multiplied by a large number of readers each month, one gets a slew of different interpretations for the same work. Communicating these with the author, and each other, regularly helps the readers understand and evaluate how their reading is, and learn about other reading styles and experiences as well.

The Newfound Joy of Reading

Any activity becomes twice as rewarding when you realise that you have access to a community where you can share and communicate ideas and opinions about a story and your experience. Many people who wish to get into reading are unable to stay consistent because they lack the right motivation to do so. With book clubs and online discussion forums, especially with authors, readers oftentimes feel more inspired to read and take part in such empowering discussions that elevate their joy of reading. The possibility of being able to converse with like-minded people and authors about the book and the magical world they found themselves lost in would be a positive reason to keep this healthy habit going.

Get Started With Reading

If you have been contemplating getting a new book, or to simply start reading more, a book subscription like Your Paper Quest is your perfect choice. You will be able to develop questions and be encouraged to come up with topics to ask these authors about, making the process extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Challenge yourself to this new habit and be amazed by how far and wide the world of books will take you.

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