What is Your Paper Quest?

Your Paper Quest is a book of the month subscription box that exclusively features books from self-published authors. Our aim is to help indie authors get more exposure whilst helping readers read a bit outside the box and discover some incredible authors in the process.

What comes in one of our subscriptions?

Each subscription comes with at least two self-published novels averaging 600 total pages of content, along with curated bookmarks and notes from the authors themselves. Each box also comes with an invitation to join our virtual book club where you’ll have a chance to meet other subscribers and ask questions for the authors prior to our interviews with them at the end of the month!

What theme will I receive in my monthly subscription?

That’s a mystery! Our aim is to help indie authors from all genres and backgrounds, because of that we keep our ever-changing monthly themes a surprise. You won’t know until you receive and open your box! We do recognise that this could deter some who are nervous about receiving a genre or theme they dislike, but want to emphasise that we work diligently to include stories that are highly accessible to readers regardless of genre. Especially with two stories, highlighting two different perspectives of a specific theme to  help broaden horizons too.

How much does a Your Paper Quest subscription cost?

Our subscriptions cost £18 a month, we take care of shipping and there’s no VAT to pay.

I ordered ages ago, when will I receive my box?

We send our boxes out in batches on the last working day of the month, with the goal being that you receive them a few days later. Sometimes that means that if you subscribed on the 5th for example, you won’t receive the subscription box until the beginning of the following month. Don’t fret though, future you is going to be absolutely thrilled with your decision!

How do I join the book club?

Every one of our boxes comes with a printed newsletter that has a QR-code linking you to the virtual book club.

How do I gift a box?

Right now, the best way to gift someone a box would to fill our the subscription details as normal, and then write us a note in the ‘Additional Comments’ section to let us know that this is a gift. Be sure to include their full name and address details as well.

When will my subscription renew?

Subscription renewal dates vary based on which one you’re subscribed to. Monthly subscriptions renew on the 10th of each month, Bi-Monthly subscriptions renew on the 5th of every 2nd month, and Quarterly subscriptions renew on the 7th of every 3rd month.

Can I freeze my subscription?

Unfortunately we are unable to freeze subscriptions at the moment, but you can always cancel and simply resubscribe when you’re ready with no extra fees involved!

Can I buy a single box rather than a subscription?

As of right now we do not sell individual boxes outside of our subscription.

How do I change my address or payment information?

Subscribers can change their personal information through their account settings once they log into our website. If you are having any trouble with this, simply email us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

How do I cancel my subscription?

There are multiple ways to cancel your subscription. The easiest would be to go through your account and do it there. It is also possible to simply email us and we would be happy to cancel it on our end.

I’m a self-published author and would love to feature with Your Paper Quest, how do I do that?

That’s great! Congratulations on self-publishing, that in itself is beyond worthy of praise. The best way to potentially feature with us is to upload your story through the ‘Submissions’ page of our website, please don’t forget a cover letter as it helps us stay organised immensely. We accept stories from around the world, but they must be written in English.

I am a social media influencer, how do I get involved and work with you?

If you run a blog, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or anything of the like, please just send us an email, we’d love to try and collaborate. We just ask that you be based in the UK.