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Benefits of Subscription Boxes

Is a book subscription the ultimate gift

Eliminate Indecision: As avid readers ourselves, we know exactly what it’s like to stand in Waterstones staring at endless shelves of illustrated covers, reading blurb after blurb, checking out a page here and there to try and get a feel for what will be a good book. It’s no easier scrolling endlessly through the Kindle Store trying to sort the real top picks from the rest. Before you’re done, the enthusiasm to read has waned.

Not anymore. Our subscription box ensures you receive two wonderful books.

Expert Curation: Every book as part of our subscription boxes has been lovingly, expertly, and painstakingly curated. Our Chief Curator Steve has loved writing and reading for as long as he can remember and goes through every submission we receive to find the best of the bunch to share with all our avid subscribers.

Make Reading an Adventure Again: With each box, you can look forward to receiving a quality story in a brilliant new world ready to invite you in and introduce you to its wonderful characters, environments and every twist and turn of the inspired and enthralling plots. With this, each box is a ready-packaged adventure waiting to be embarked upon at your leisure.

Convenient Service: Where else can you get not one, but two entire worlds delivered directly to your doorstep each month?

Keep a Physical Copy: Hold the worlds in your hand… forever. There’s nothing like holding a physical book in your hand. It feels like a tome of knowledge and wonder, of mystery and discovery, waiting to be explored. As it sits proudly on your shelf in your own curated library, it is no longer a book, but a memory of time spent in worlds imagined, friendships with characters you once knew and villains you once loathed. E-books are convenient sure, but you only ever purchase a license to access the book as long as your account and the service continue to operate. But paper is yours to keep, and so is each one of the books in our subscription boxes.

Benefits of Subscription Boxes
Benefits of Subscription Boxes

Bonus Goodies: Plus, you receive a unique bookmark themed along with that month’s stories, a note from the author, and an invitation to join our exclusive readers community and virtual book club. Share your time and thoughts with other like-minded readers discussing our new authors each month, growing friendships and encouraging the world to read and support independent writers.

Books you’ll Find Nowhere Else: We know how hard it is to become published and how it is even harder to then get your foot in the door and noticed in the world of authorship. We want to rectify that by championing independent, self-published authors and showing that there is much value and talent in the unheard stories of the world. What you’ll find in each box is a story you’ll find nowhere else, selected for its impact, ingenuity, and ability to wow ourselves as long-time readers, you’ll always find a unique and wonderful journey in every box you receive.

How it Works

It’s simple, we do all the hard work for you! Just subscribe, sit back, relax, and dive into the next new world waiting for you!

  • We are open to all independent, self-published authors from every genre and style be it a novel, poetry, short story, graphic novel and more. You write it, we want to read it!
  • We diligently read every submission we receive and our top picks are sorted into themes and packaged into our wonderful subscription boxes.
  • We then create a unique and fitting bookmark to track your reading adventures and send them directly to your door.
  • We change our themes month on month so there is always something new, fresh, and novel to be discovered. Our past themes have covered everything from ‘What it Means to Be Human’ and ‘Horrors Beyond Comprehension’ to ‘Love Against All Odds.’
  • Sign up for our monthly book club, you’ll find your invitation in your subscription box, and join an online community full of like-minded people. Discuss the books of the month, connect, and enjoy your love of reading in a community of people just like you!
  • As a bonus, you’ll also receive a note from the author and the opportunity to ask them questions in our monthly interviews! Exciting stuff!
  • And that’s it. From finding the best and brightest talent out there that we know deserves a chance to be seen to connecting them to loyal readers and lovers of words, that is Your Paper Quest.

How to Choose the Best Box for you?

Whether a fast reader or someone who likes to meander from world to world at their own pace we have an option for you!

Our options are simple, we have Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Quarterly boxes.

Monthly: Receive one box a month with two books, plus goodies. Great for those who just love to keep reading and those who enjoy building up their own little library collection.

Bi-Monthly: Receive a box once every two months, (every other month), with two books, plus goodies. Great for those who take their time with each book and don’t want to feel the weight and pressure of unread books piling up on their doorstep every month.

Quarterly: Receive our subscription boxes once every three months. Perfect for those with a sedentary reading pace or who just knows they won’t get the chance to read as often as they would like but don’t want to miss the opportunity to discover new worlds and stories.

So avid readers, library builders, time takers or ‘as-and-when-they-can-ers,’ we have a subscription box waiting just for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been waiting a while, when will my box arrive?

Our subscription boxes are sent out in batches at the end of each month with delivery expected a few days later. This means that if you order shortly after the last month’s box was sent out you will have a month to wait for the next box to land on your door. Don’t worry though, it is on its way and you will be thrilled when it arrives!

What theme will I receive in my box?

That is one of the surprises we hope you look forward to waiting for! We aim to help indie authors from all backgrounds, genres, and mediums, and because of that, our ever-changing monthly themes are kept a surprise until you receive them. We look for the perfect pairing that best highlights a genre or a theme, and when we know we have a literary match made in heaven, we lovingly package them and send them out to our loyal subscribers. We know some people may be unsure about receiving unexpected genres, but we assure you that we work tirelessly to ensure each month’s theme contains stories that are well worth the read and accessible to all.

What do I receive with my subscription?

Each monthly box comes with at least two books by self-published authors that average around 600 total pages of content. We also design unique and thematic bookmarks to track your adventures through each one of the books, as well as a note from the author. You will also receive an invitation to join our virtual book club where you can meet like-minded enthusiasts and share your experience of each month’s collections. And finally, you’ll also have the chance to ask our authors questions before the author interviews we hold at the end of each month.

When does the subscription renew?

This depends on which subscription you have chosen. Monthly subscriptions will renew automatically on the 10th of each month. Bi-Monthly subscriptions will renew automatically on the 5th of each month. Quarterly subscriptions will renew automatically on the 7th of each month.

I’m a self-published author, can I be featured in one of your boxes?

First of all, the biggest of congratulations on being self-published, we understand what a journey that will have been! We would love to hear from you, and whilst we can’t guarantee any particular author that they will be featured, we encourage you to visit our ‘Submissions’ page and follow the instructions there. Don’t forget to add a cover letter with relevant details as this is necessary for us to stay organized. We accept stories from all around the globe but they do need to be written in English. We look forward to reading your submission soon!


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