Tell us about how you began your journey as an author - Where did it all start?

The genesis of my journey is the love of storytelling. I simply love a good story. Told around a group of family and friends or read anywhere, I have always been entranced with the range of emotions, the laughter and tears, the importance of a story. At a party, a wedding or a funeral, it’s the stories we tell and the stories we make that last. (And, to never forget that the fish gets bigger in every telling.)

Why did you choose to self-publish?

Self-publishing allows me to find an audience for my novels that may not fit neatly into a well-defined category of traditional publishing. My innate belief is that readers are clever and adventurous. Also, I’ve had my own business for almost twenty-five years, I’m used to doing it all myself.

How have you found being a part of the indie community?

The indie community is a lot of fun. There are writers of every stripe. Some want to make a bunch of money; others want to tell whatever stories they want to tell, and everyone is pulling on the same side of the rope. We all just want people to get their books out there. There are very few barriers. I love being part of it all.

If you could give some advice to a new writer in the indie community, what would it be?

It’s the same advice for life: Be good. Be kind. And work on your art because the work is the reward.

Oh, and finish. You must ship. If you don’t finish, there’s no book, story, film, painting, song, anything. Just start the next one. The only thing art requires of you is to finish.

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